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Pattern Annotation

Annotating your pattern...

You pattern will look pretty basic when you get it back from us fully graded, that is, it won't  be labelled in any way apart from the names of each piece in the software default font. Your branding is really important, so you more than likely wouldn't want to leave it unbranded.


All commercial patterns are labelled with annotions to tell the sewist how many to cut, what seam allowances they should use and other such markings. This is time consuming work, and should be done by somebody who understands sewing patterns. The reason for this is because any small error, can lead to a mistake in the basics of the pattern. If one of your grades is deleted by accident, or if a notch is moved by mistake this can cause big issues when the pattern is being put together.


We have been annotating sewing patterns for quite a few years now, so we know exactly what we are doing. You can trust us to make your pattern look incredible, professional and above all accurate.




annotated pattern stock images